FAQ About Campus Housing Selection

Who qualifies to live in Campus Housing?

Residence Hall:
All students qualify to live in a residence hall. Summer School enrollment is required to stay in summer school housing. William F. Fisher Hall will be the summer school residence hall. Available for move-in May 10th.

Student apartment occupancy is limited to Traditional/Single students, Graduate or Law Students and Full-time nontraditional students and their immediate family.

The following terms and definitions are used to determine eligibility:

  • Your class status is based on the number of completed semesters in residence as of the end of the spring term. You must have completed one year in residence, be 21 years or older, or transfer with residency at another college.
  • "Immediate family" is defined to mean dependent children, spouse with or without dependent children or other legal dependents. Only members of an immediate family may reside in University Student Apartments.
  • "Legal custody" and "dependent" are defined according to federal and state law.
  • "Nontraditional students" are defined as undergraduate (Freshmen over the age of 21) or students residing with and having legal custody of one or more dependent children whose primary residence is with the student.

When does my $250 deposit need to be paid?

If you live in campus housing, your $250 deposit will remain on account and does not need to be paid again. If you do not live in campus housing (ie. off-campus, or in a fraternity house), your $250 deposit must be paid prior to your Campus Housing Selection lottery day and time. For your convenience, the deposit can be made online or in person at the Business Office located in McClure Hall.

When am I committed to my Housing License?

As soon as a selection or assignment is made, your housing license goes into effect and you would be responsible for any liquidated damages.

Can I select a Summer + Academic license in the residence hall?

Yes. If you select Summer + Academic, you will reside in the designated summer school residence hall and then move to your academic selection in August.

Can I change my license from an Summer + Academic period to Academic period after I select an apartment?

Yes. However, as this is considered canceling the summer housing portion of your license, your student account will be charged the $600.00 for liquidated damages as outlined in the Housing License Agreement and other penalties could apply.

After I select an apartment, can I change a Summer + Academic year to a Summer Apartment Storage?

Yes. However, your student account will be charged the $300.00 for liquidated damages and other penalties could apply.

May I select a two- or three- bedroom apartment for myself?

If you are currently in this situation, you may retain this particular status automatically. If you would like to pursue this status for the first time for your 2010-2011 license, then if only space permits will approval be granted for a premium status on an apartment. Premium status is having fewer people than bedrooms in an apartment.

Can I sign up for housing if I plan to graduate in December?

Yes. December graduates must notify the housing office by November to avoid financial charges associated with canceling.

What should I bring to my assigned selection session?

Your student ID card. Also, have in mind what type of apartment/residence hall and what village you would prefer to live in.

If I lose my confirmation e-mail, will I still be able to select with my same lottery number?

Yes. You can log back into the Campus Housing Selection website to retrieve the information you have misplaced.

What is Apartment Summer Storage?

Available to all students who license an apartment for the academic year, students may choose to use that SAME apartment to store their belongings over the summer. All residents must turn in their key and keep the electric in their name, but walk out of the apartment in May, and return to the same apartment in August. This option is not available to students who need to change apartments in August. Storage Rates are $200 for a one-bedroom, $400 for a two-bedroom apartment, and $400 for a three-bedroom apartment. Click for more information..

What if I am not taking classes in the summer, but want to stay in Tulsa and work?

Students can live in the apartments for the summer if they are enrolled in classes for the upcoming fall semester.

I want housing for the summer, but I will be graduating in December, what license period do I choose?

You will choose the annual license period, and then come into the Housing Office in Twin Towers to cancel your license prior to the November 1st deadline to avoid any liquidated damages.

What if my apartment roommate moves out early?

Roommates who move out at the semester must notify the Housing Office by November 1st during the Fall semester. It is the responsibility of the remaining residents to acquire a roommate to fill the vacancy or be responsible for the remaining rent. Students who opt to cancel their license and move during mid-semester are held responsible for assisting with the locating of a roommate, and are charged full semester charges until one can be assigned.

Can I select "Summer Apartment Storage + Academic Year" if my roommate selects to live in the apartment for the summer?

No. An apartment can be only a storage unit or living space. It can not be both, and the person living there would be charged for the entire apartment.

If my roommate selects an academic year license, may I select "Summer Apartment Storage + Academic Year"?

Yes. The apartment storage rate for the apartment is divided among the residents that select "summer storage." If only one person selects storage in a two-bedroom apartment, that person would pay the $400 for summer storage.

My roommate decided not to live with me in an apartment. How will that affect me and what should I do?

If your roommate decides to leave, you are responsible for the entire rent until you can find a new roommate. If you need help finding a new roommate, we offer the Roommate Finder on this website. Note: It is not the University's responsibility to find apartment roommates.

Can I choose to live in the summer if my roommate(s) are planning summer storage?

No. An apartment is either considered occupied or summer storage but never both. If one person lives in the apartment, then full rent for that apartment will apply.

Can I have a roommate who is not enrolled at The University of Tulsa?

Only students, their spouse, and their documented dependents are eligible to live in University apartments.

My roommate got a great lottery number, but I can't make his session. What do I do to make sure we can still select our apartment?

Your roommate can designate you as a proxy, and you can use the best lottery number.

I want a two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartment but do not have all my roommates yet, can I select one?

Yes. However, you must be aware that roommates must be lined up and have licenses & deposits prior to your selected license period beginning or current occupant rate will be applied to your account. (i.e. One person in a Two bedroom)

What if I want to store for the summer and my roommate(s) do not?

The summer storage rate for the full apartment will be split among only the residents who license for summer storage.

What if I want to stay in the apartment and my roommate wants to store?

Apartment storage rates only apply if all residents are storing for the summer, otherwise occupancy rates apply.

Can I check my roommate in?

No. Each resident must check-in and sign for their keys themselves. Keys cannot be given to anyone other than the resident themselves.

What should I do if I can't get an apartment or the apartment that I want?

You may select a residence hall space and/or get on the waiting list for an apartment. Freshmen note: You must select a housing space for next year in order to enroll for fall classes. Without the required housing assignment, first-year students will have a housing hold blocking fall enrollment until it is resolved.

I plan to study abroad in the FALL semester but I would like to live on-campus when I return in the spring. When should I sign up?

Spring availability is determined in the fall semester. Residence Hall space is always available. The spring apartment online selection process begins in October. We suggest contacting the Housing office in mid-October for information on the spring selection process.

I plan to study abroad in the SPRING semester. Can I still sign up for housing for the fall?

Yes. However, it must be an approved TU study abroad program and students must notify the Housing office by November 1st to avoid a cancellation/liquidated damages charge, if they will not be living in their unit in the spring semester.

I'm studying abroad right now, but will be back on campus next semester so I need to select an apartment. What do I do?

Complete a Housing License online and enter the lottery. Then select a proxy and fill out the proxy form on the Apartment website. The proxy will select an apartment for you during your assigned date/time to select. Give specific instructions to your proxy about your preferred type and location of apartment as you are bound to apartment they select for you.

Is heating and air conditioning covered in my Housing Bill?

The heating and air conditioning in all University apartments is run by an electrical system. The electric service for all apartments must be put into the names of the residents of that apartment prior to getting a key. Your residence hall room includes all utilities.

What appliances come with the apartments?

Every apartment comes with a full size refrigerator, microwave oven, full range and oven, a dishwasher, and garbage disposal. Apartments in Mayo, Lorton, and Brown Villages also have ice makers included within the refrigerator.

Can I sign up for extra cable services in my room or apartment?

Additional cable services (digital cable, premium stations, etc.) can be ordered through Cox Communications by calling 806-6000 and setting up a personal account with them.

Do I have to have an account with PSO set up already?

Prior to checking-in, all residents must have a PSO account number. If the account number has not been set-up prior to check-in, the student will be charged a $75.00 fee that covers the electric used in the apartment until the service has been switched into the resident's names. There is also a $5/day penalty charged for each day the electric service is not in the resident's names. EACH RESIDENT MUST HAVE THE ACCOUNT NUMBER AND COMPLETE THE NECESSARY FROM PRIOR TO CHECKING IN.

What if I already have an account with PSO for my previous apartment?

You must call and get the service switched to the new address. PSO will assign a new account number for you and you must have this at the time of check-in. Failure to switch the service will result in the $75.00 fee and the $5/day penalty.

Why do I have to sign a form from the university with my PSO account number on it?

So PSO can contact the Apartment Staff in the event of non-payment or pending disconnection. The Apartment Staff will then try to contact the resident(s) and clear the situation up to avoid an interruption in service. Without this form PSO will disconnect the service without our knowledge and not giving the resident and opportunity to rectify the situation.

Can I move in early?

Early move-in requests must be made in advance to the Apartment Property Manager. The Apartment Property Manager will approve early move-in requests provided the apartment in question is available and ready for move-in (i.e. previous occupant has moved out and there are no pending maintenance holds for the apartment). Approval will be made in writing (via e-mail) and the resident must bring a copy of this e-mail with him/her at the time of their check-in for the date approved.

How much would a washer and dryer cost me per semester?

For 2009-2010, students can choose from units with or without Washers and Dryers. The Washer and dryers are included in the apartment rate. Please see the rate information for further details.

How do I go about arranging for a late move-out?

You must request an extension in writing to the Apartment Property Manager

Are certain types of pets permissible, and under what circumstances?

Only fish kept in aquariums that do not exceed 20 gallons in size are permissible within the apartments. Additionally, it is a violation of University and Housing policy to allow any prohibited pets into your apartment whether it is yours or just visiting with someone who brought it. Violators are subject to a $100 fine and/or disciplinary action

Can I obtain an additional key(s) to my apartment or mailbox?

No. Keys are checked out to residents only. Additional keys will not be given to friends or parents who are not officially registered residents of that apartment.

How many of each type of apartment is available?

There are approximately 788 apartments located in 6 different villages. This is how they are broken down:
USA North:
1 bedroom apartments: 44
2 bedroom apartments: 105

USA South:
1 bedroom apartments: 24
2 bedroom apartments: 48

USA West 1 bedroom apartments: 24
2 bedroom apartments: 70
3 bedroom apartments: 48

Mayo Village
1 bedroom apartments: 90
2 bedroom apartments: 120

Lorton Village
1 bedroom apartments: 18
2 bedroom apartments: 48
1 bedroom townhouses: 8
2 bedroom townhouse: 8

Brown Village
1 bedroom apartments: 12
2 bedroom apartments: 84

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